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Faculty and Staff Accomplishments

Dr. Bill Jones, Associate Professor of Biology and AYA Science Education Program Coordinator, along with nine students from the AYA and Middlechildhood Science Education Programs served as judges for the annual Dominion Academy Science Fair on February 8th in Dayton. Judges evaluated presentations of high school and middle school students’ research projects and selected which projects would be represented at the next level of competition. Dr. Jones has also worked with officials from King’s Kids Refugee Ministry to organize a tutoring program for immigrant children in grades 6-10. Cedarville University students representing the Department of Science and Mathematics volunteer Thursday evenings to meet with refugee children from Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea.  Dr. Jones and the CU students assist the children with homework assignments, developing reading skills, and preparing for academic achievement tests.

Carlos Elias, Professor of Music and University Orchestra Conductor, has been invited to serve as concertmaster of the Messiah Choral Society Orchestra during Easter Weekend. The concert  will take place on Sunday April 1 at 2:30pm in Grand Junction, CO.,  where the orchestra will perform Handel‘s “Messiah” in its entirety

Brian Burns, Director of Campus Experience; Jeffrey Reep, Director of Career Services; and Dr. Sandra Yang, Associate Professor of Music History will make a presentation at the upcoming Higher Learning Commission annual conference on April 8, 2018, entitled, “Assessing the Effectiveness of Co-curriculars in Support of Student Learning.”

Dr. Dan DeWitt, Director of the Center for Biblical Apologetics and Public Christianity, and Associate Professor of Applied Theology and Apologetics (SBTS), authored a book titled Life in the Wild.  His book shows how we are living with the effects of the fall (we are messed-up people living in a messed-up place) – but God’s promise, made in Eden, serves as a beacon of light to guide our steps in this fallen world.

Dr. Michael Firmin, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, participated in a comprehensive institutional review of Hillsdale College for the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).  The team reviewed all aspects of the college, generated a report, and provided a recommendation to the commission regarding regional accreditation.

Dr. Paul Schloemer, Professor of Accounting, recently published an article in the Tennessee CPA Journal, entitled, Securing Charitable Contribution Deductions. The article provides detailed guidance regarding the documentation requirements specified in the Internal Revenue Code and IRS regulations, assisting taxpayers and tax consultants in securing deductions for charitable contributions and promoting compliance with tax law.

Dr. Jeff Haymond, Dean of the School of Business Administration, recently published an article in the Journal of Markets & Morality, entitled, The Sanctification Process and Stewardship in Free Markets. The article reviews the biblical doctrines of sanctification and stewardship and assesses their implications for economic institutional arrangements.

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