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Dr. White | MLK Day and Easter Monday 🌄

Dr. White provides perspective on this spring’s academic calendar changes.

Some of you may have noticed that classes will be in session on the Monday after Easter this year. It is possible that you will receive questions about this decision, so I wanted you to understand the logic behind it. 

  • We determined it wise to close on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, which required us to hold classes on another Monday, Wednesday, or Friday during this semester to meet HLC requirements for class time. 
  • We considered multiple options: 
    1. Start the semester on a Monday, which would create problems for new spring student orientation and for move-ins. 
    2. Reduce days for spring break week, which would affect missions trips. 
    3. End the semester later, which would create problems with final exams and graduation. 
    4. Open on the Friday or Monday of Easter weekend. 
  • We determined that opening the Monday after Easter was the best solution for the reasons outlined below.  

First, Good Friday, when we celebrate the death of Christ, seemed more important than the Monday after Easter. Second, while this Monday does allow for travel for many students, Easter frequently falls during a bad time of the year for a quick trip, so this decision would have the least impact on students, faculty, and staff. Third, staff members already worked on the Monday after Easter, so this was only a change for the class schedule.

We will continue to evaluate the situation and, if our Academic Division comes up with a better recommendation, we will certainly consider it. But for this year, we will hold classes on the Monday after Easter. 

I hope this helps you understand the logic behind the decision and equips you to answer any questions that may come your way.

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