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Season 3 of the Cedarville Stories Podcast

Season 3 of the Cedarville Stories podcast has begun! Click to read previews of the first four episodes.

Season 3 of the Cedarville Stories podcast has begun! Here are previews of the first four episodes: 

Great Commission Educator

Dr. Kevin Jones, the new Dean for Cedarville University’s School of Education, has a vision to see Cedarville graduates teaching in every city and every country, at Christian schools and public schools. He wants to see them instructing students as unto the Lord for the glory of the Lord, living out the Great Commission.  

Kevin desires to please the Lord in all he does. And as he keeps Jesus number one, he knows the Lord will open doors for the Gospel among those who observe his passion and commitment. Whether it’s teaching a first-grader how to sound out a letter or coaching a future educator, Kevin sees his vocation as a stewardship from God. His faith is his career.

Trophy of God’s Grace

Mike DiCuirci served on the music faculty at Cedarville for 37 years. He helped shape the music department into a nationally acclaimed program, founded the jazz and symphonic bands, developed the college pep band, and wrote the Cedarville fight song.

As he shares in the podcast, “I experienced that transformation. By the way, everyone who trusts in Christ, whether they’re young, old, dramatic, or not dramatic (story of salvation), is a walking miracle and has a life message to share.” It’s easy to see how Mike DiCuirci became known to his colleagues as a trophy of God’s grace.

Informed in the Storm

Dr. Zach Jenkins, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, has become one of the leading infectious disease experts in Ohio. He is also a big hit with the media. Over the last four months, Zach has been interviewed over 60 times by media from the east coast to the west coast and many places in between. His calm demeanor, insightful research, and clear presentation of the facts have made him a voice of reason in the midst of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety.

As much as Zach appreciates being a calming influence sharing the latest data, his focus is ultimately on the Lord. As helpful as the scientific data are in determining how to navigate the pandemic, Jesus is the only one who can truly guide us through this healthcare storm.   

Internship of Pandemic Proportions

Sending out isolation and quarantine orders. Delivering food and water to COVID-19 patients recovering at home. Contact tracing. For Cedarville University senior Hayley Penrose, her summer internship has taken on a significance of pandemic proportions.

Penrose, a resident of Springfield, Ohio, and graduate of Emmanuel Christian High School, is also educating and demonstrating for clients what healthy COVID-19 habits look like. “I don’t mind wearing a mask and practicing social distancing as a health measure if it means I can help my community heal from the pandemic,” she explained.

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