Turkey Update


After five days of orientation in Antalya, we are now up in Çiralı at the Olive Grove Holiday Adventure.  The first two pictures below show our team and fellow counselors preparing our dance for opening night.  Pray for our students as we build relationships with them with the hope to have significant spiritual conversations during their time here.


Honduras Final Update

Hello amigos,
We just finished our last week in Honduras.  Crazy to think it’s been a month already. These past weeks have not been what we expected and God had different plans. He provided some unique opportunities to build relationships, learn in depth about the culture and history of PanAmerican (our home base in Honduras) and to serve the different leaders there.
Some of the unique opportunities that God provided were:
-Teaching English at the local school as the English teacher had to return to States for a few weeks.
-We got to spend time encouraging and serving one of the missionary families that had sick children.
-We also got to help out at the emergency clinic in town, this allowed us to get to know the nurses and doctors and build friendships with them.

The pictures above are from our English classes. That week the focus was on building vocabulary through fruits and colors. This was our cook during our time in Honduras. Her name is Marlen and she made sure we were well nourished. That evening she was teaching us how to make baleadas (Honduras’s national food) and donuts.

These last pictures were at the emergency clinic, Santa Cecicilia. It’s the only clinic in town with care available 24 hours.

This trip was definitely a learning experience. God’s work in our lives and in PanAmerican was evident. We are so thankful for your constant support and prayers. Gracias!

Zimbabwe Team Update

Hello, friends and families of the Zimbabwe Team 2018!
First of all, thank you for your endless support and prayers!
We have been rotating in different wards around the hospital (including the operating room, men’s ward, female ward, outpatient department, pediatrics and maternity ward) and got to see so many things that we have never seen before or experienced!  Our GOD is so big and mighty and He is above all things, all creation, all diseases, all pain and sufferings on this earth. Praise the Lord, we serve the Great King.

Dominican Republic Pharmacy Update #2


Yesterday was our second clinic serving the people in the Bateyes. Our team was able to use experience from the previous day to make the workflow much smoother. Team members were also able to pray and share the gospel with every single family that came through the clinic. Today we will be heading out to a local school to provide fluoride treatments to children.

Dominican Republic Pharmacy Update

On Monday, our team met with Dr. Benjamin to learn about her story and the work she has been doing in the Bateyes. As we were walking through the Bateyes we were able to meet and play with several of the children living there.
Today we will be going to our first medical clinic. Please pray that it runs smoothly and that we are able to form relationships with the people and share the gospel.

Philippines Nursing Update

It has been a wonderful week here in the Philippines. A few of our outreaches this week have included: leading part of a baby shower, teaching a dental and hand hygiene clinic for kids at a ministry called Brand New Day, visiting the community that the kids live in, visiting the National Children’s Hospital, spending time on their pulmonary and neonatal floors, leading clinics in other communities, helping lead children’s programs with Happy Family, providing wound care, leading several Bible songs (in English and Tagalog), and leading a Bible lesson on the prodigal son (along with sharing the gospel) with a bunch of kids at a ministry led by a pastor at a house nearby.

We’ve also been busy at Shalom, the birthing center. We have been able to help with multiple births, baby baths, prenatal clinics, postnatal checkups, and much more. It has been absolutely incredible to see so many new lives entering the world here. Our prayer is that these babies would grow to be men and women after God’s heart.

Today we went to a church called “Lift Jesus Higher” and the Pastor spoke on Psalm 139. Verses 13-14 says, “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” These verses, as well as the whole chapter, have taken on an even deeper meaning. The Lord has so intricately designed each of us, from before the day we were born. He is the One who gives us breath in our lungs and blood to flow through our veins. Being able to find a baby’s heartbeat when still inside the womb and seeing new life is such a testament to His glory!

This week, we will be spending a lot of time here at Shalom but also will be heading up multiple outreach clinics. Pray that the Lord will continue to work in our hearts and in the hearts of the mothers, babies, children, families, midwives, and missionaries here in the Philippines. Pray that we will see with open eyes, everything that the Lord puts in front of us. Pray that we would feel the burdens of those in poverty and in serious struggles of life. Pray that we would be vessels of the love and joy of Christ.

God is good • All the time
And all the time • God is good

–Philippines Nursing Team

Kosovo Update

Joshua Kortje, playing UNO with the 8th and 9th grade kids after visiting a local art gallery in downtown Mitrovica, which displayed a school wide(6th-11th grade) project.


Hayley Trout and Austin Ragan spending time stuffing bears. The bears are to be given to a local, special education school in Mitrovica, Kosovo.


Joshua Kortje, Ryan Coffman, and Daniel Garcia are seen helping the KLA students with their work in Teacher Joan’s 8th and 9th grade math class.


Team leader, Alivia Rucker, working on the English alphabet with the preschoolers.

Honduras Update

Greetings from San Pedro, Honduras!
We just finished week two down here and we are loving it! Our team has been working with both the public health system and the private clinics. We have joined Honduran nurses in the vaccination process against influenza, measles, rubella, and other diseases.
Many times people aren’t able to receive the health care they need because of the lack of transportation to get to the clinics, therefore Salt and Light, an organization here in Honduras, has a mobile clinic program that we were able to help with.
Pictured above, is Abigail helping sweet Angel, who is two years old, learn how to walk.
We are excited to see what these next weeks hold for us!
Please keep praying for our safety and health, as well as the medical care needs of this country.  Pray for the spread of the gospel as God has allowed us to have a voice through medical service.

Philippines Update

Hello from the Philippines Team!

We have had an awesome experience here in the Philippines serving with World Team. The DeFazio family and Wright family have so generously opened their homes for us to stay with them, and have mentored us through every step of this trip. We have the opportunity to serve in a ministry called “Happy Family” that serves in a squatter community in metro Manila. We’ve led prayer meetings, visited the Threads of Hope ministry, and countless other things as we connect with the Philippino people. We have so much to learn from the people here. They are a people of community, laughter, and love to sing. We have made a valiant effort to learn their language, Tegalog, but we have seen that even with a language barrier we have gotten to know the Philippino people and share in Christ with them.  It has been beautiful to see the children’s ministry at Happy Family as they train the children from the squatter community in the way of the gospel.

God calls us outside of our comfort zones and he calls us to humility. Our team has learned that over this past week and we are so excited to see what God does with the last few days of the trip!

God is working here in the Philippines!

Italy Orchestra Update

 On Sunday, our team participated in a church service here in Italy. We were not only able to serve the people with hymns that they were familiar with, but also to take part in their worship service and worship and learn with them.

Pictured above are two of our team members, Hanna and Brianna, talking to middle school students after our concert. We were able to share the gospel and play sacred and classical music for them.