Turkey team has arrived!

After a long trip of four flights and many many hours in between, we made it to Antalya.  Today was our second day at Olive Grove Summer Adventure.
We are going through staff orientation until Saturday when the kids get here.  I will be in charge of the 11th and 12th graders.  So far everyone on the counselor staff has been great.  We’re starting to get along really well and share stories about our lives.
Caleb and I are in separate rooms.  He has another college student from the States as a roommate; my roommate is from Australia.  Great guy!
They made a new rule this year that everyone has to go through a “swimming test” in order to swim over the next two weeks.  We basically had to swim about 50 yards into the ocean and back.  The water is beautiful and it’s HOT here, so it will definitely be refreshing to come take a break here everyday when we’re not running activities with the students.
We also have been spending time asking Father to work in our students and we ask that you do the same.  I found out that many of them are unbelievers so there is a great opportunity to share truth with them.