Alaska Update #5

In order to preserve patient privacy, we cannot take photos of most of the work that we are doing here, but I can report that things are going well. During the week, Lindsay and I are working full time at the Interior Alaska Medical Clinic in Delta Junction: checking in patients, assisting staff with procedures, and helping out around the clinic in any way that we can. Our love is increasing for the people here as we learn the names, faces, and stories of our patients and coworkers.

We spent our Saturday exploring North Pole, Fairbanks, and Chena, and our late-night drive back to Delta Junction left us breathless as usual.

–Allison Roberts


China Update

The China team has returned.  Before departing, they were able to play soccer with some children who’s parents serve in country.  The goal of the team was to be an encouragement to fellow Americans as they continue to live life in a culture that is very different than their own.  Looks like Joel Wasserstein was getting a lot of play time on the field too! #CUGO

Beautiful Alaska!

God’s creation is breathtaking.

Lindsay and I are still getting smacked in the face by the majesty of the mountains every day on the way to work, but it’s such a warm feeling to know that people who have lived here for years are still caught off guard by the view. God is so good.  #CUGO

–Allison Roberts

China Update

During our first week we were able to travel to an orphanage with a group of believers.  We spent time playing with the kids there and getting to know them.  Some of our other activities have involved teaching English at universities.   The second picture is of our team teaching English to some of the employees of the previous summer Olympic basketball venue and the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympic hockey venue.  Please lift us up in our conversations with the people here as we tell them about our Father. #CUGO

–Joel Wasserstein (Team Leader)

Alaska Update #3

I never get tired of looking out of this broken windshield. The snow accumulated into a blanket of white by the time we reached church on Sunday morning. Our team spent the day traveling to a couple of different towns to hang out with the children and talk to them about Jesus.

We had the opportunity the day before to spend the day in Valdez with Laura, the amazing social worker from our site. In addition to the good conversation and excellent company, we enjoyed a boat ride out to the Columbia Glacier, where we stumbled across some sea otters, porpoises, sea lions, mountain goats, bald eagles, and humpback whales along the way.  How wonderful is the realization that the God who made the mountains is mindful of even his most broken servants.  #CUGO

–Allison Roberts

Kosovo Prayer Update

The Kosovo team has arrived safely.  Here are Alivia and Jonathan leading worship at the Sunday morning Bible study with some school staff and friends of Teacher Nadine.

They are fully engaged in teaching this week.  Pray for gospel moments.  #CUGO



Alaska Nursing Update #2

We were excited to jump in and get our hands dirty today during clinic orientation, community clean-up, and IV practices! We had the privilege of getting to meet some of the wonderful nurses and staff members at Cross Road Medical Center, and several of them even offered their veins to us for practice (although we all got our fair share of needle sticks). I am deeply encouraged by the warmth and kindness of the people we have interacted with here, and I am looking forward to what the rest of the month has in store!  #CUGO

–Allison Roberts


Haiti Update #2

We have been helping out to build a hospital for the community that we are serving. The worksite of the hospital is surrounded by many houses which have provided us with a lot of chances to interact with the people of the community. One of these people is “Johnny” who is an 11 year old Haitian who always has a big smile and a desire to want to play and help out our missions team. The first day our team met Johnny was very memorable as he was running all around the worksite and asking everyone to play with him. By the end of the day, Johnny was covered in head to toe with dirt and his feet seemed very dirty as he didn’t have any shoes. As our team was leaving, I remember thinking to myself about how I personally could serve Johnny. I took this request to the Lord at night as I was thinking about the day. The next day our team arrived at the worksite, Johnny was very excited to greet us and then proceeded to hold my hand as we walked to the worksite. On the walk I noticed that there was a lot of mud on the ground due to the pervious day’s rain storm. I then proceeded to pick up Johnny so that he wouldn’t get his feet dirty. I was very excited to be able to “serve” Johnny this way and he seemed to be very happy as well. The next day at the worksite I was also able to give him a pair of sandals that our team brought for the kids that we would see at orphanages. Even though the size was a bit small, Johnny was very excited about his new pair of sandals. As I look back at this experience, I am very grateful for the Lord providing not only the experience to get to know Johnny, but also the opportunity to show him of picture of servant minded love just as God shows us each day of our lives. #CUGO

–Daniel Marquez

Alaska Nursing Update #1

The Alaska Nursing team had a successful day of traveling and settling in! I have no complaints about this view.  It was even better getting to enjoy it with my awesome team and our incredibly gracious hosts. We’re looking forward to getting started with orientation at the clinic tomorrow!

–Allison Roberts

Haiti Day One

Today, we began filling part of the foundation for a hospital being built in the city of Les Cayes and played with joyful little boys at the orphanage called Ducis.

Seeing God in everything means you have to be looking. Here we are as a Cedarville University missions team in a beautiful, heartbreaking country. We we drive by waving children, interact with locals, fill buckets with dirt, hold and play with Haitian children, and reapply sunscreen & bug spray every 30 minutes.   In all of it I am reminded that just like God is in us and with us, God is in Haiti and with Haiti.
I looked and saw God here and it’s only day one. Day two, I’m excited for you. #CUGO

–Erica Zichi