More Added to The Kingdom

Greetings from Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa! Our medical missions team is having an incredible experience serving the people of the Ivory Coast. We are excited to share with you that in the past two days, we have conducted two medical clinics, seeing 224 patients. At our first clinic, 52 people were saved!! We are eagerly waiting to hear who came to know the Lord today. We still have two more clinics to go, so please be praying for both physical and spiritual healing for the patients we’ll see. Praise God for the work He is doing here.
–Ivory Coast Team

Chicago Update

Sunday we enjoyed church and touring Chicago. Such a beautiful, diverse city. So thankful to be here.  We’re serving at Chase Elementary this week. Monday and Tuesday we’ve helped to organize and beautify the library.  Pray for us as the week comes to a close and we interact with the kids here who need to hear about Jesus. #Chicago #CUGO

Peru Update

Today we are doing a presentation that includes a couple of songs, a skit, a craft, and then an activity book. Our program surrounds the Parable of the Sower and this year, our team is doing something totally new by allowing the children in the centers to participate in performing the skit! It has been so wonderful to see the kids grasp the Word of God better through participating in the skit!
After our presentation, we went out to the center’s soccer field to play a game of USA vs. Peru. The kids had a blast and we tried to keep up with them in this thin mountain air. But the view was incredible and their joy made it worth it all.
Tomorrow we have an 8 hour bus ride down from the mountains into Lima, once again. Please pray for safety for the trip as well as health (8 hours on a bus, descending from the mountains can often be a cause for sickness).
We are loving our time in Peru with the nationals, center workers, pastors, and children we are working with! Thank you for praying for us!