Honduras Final Update

Hello amigos,
We just finished our last week in Honduras.  Crazy to think it’s been a month already. These past weeks have not been what we expected and God had different plans. He provided some unique opportunities to build relationships, learn in depth about the culture and history of PanAmerican (our home base in Honduras) and to serve the different leaders there.
Some of the unique opportunities that God provided were:
-Teaching English at the local school as the English teacher had to return to States for a few weeks.
-We got to spend time encouraging and serving one of the missionary families that had sick children.
-We also got to help out at the emergency clinic in town, this allowed us to get to know the nurses and doctors and build friendships with them.

The pictures above are from our English classes. That week the focus was on building vocabulary through fruits and colors. This was our cook during our time in Honduras. Her name is Marlen and she made sure we were well nourished. That evening she was teaching us how to make baleadas (Honduras’s national food) and donuts.

These last pictures were at the emergency clinic, Santa Cecicilia. It’s the only clinic in town with care available 24 hours.

This trip was definitely a learning experience. God’s work in our lives and in PanAmerican was evident. We are so thankful for your constant support and prayers. Gracias!