Turkey Update #2

We survived Bonkers!  Bonkers is a traditional end of Olive Grove game where the kids run around trying to find stations while avoiding the “bonker” counselors who try to hit them gently with socks of flour.  If they get hit they are frozen and have to call “Medic” to be unfrozen.  Everyone really enjoys the challenge and energy and this year was no different.
Our “fruit” of the day was goodness.  ESL talked about what the word meant and our study times were centered around where goodness come from and what it means in our actions and words.
Electives continued with high energy.  The sea was so calm and lovely and the kayakers were able to go out and search for sea turtles.
With all of our fruitful talk it has been fun to have a local pansiyon cat  who just today gave birth to 5 sweet kittens.  Supposedly in the next few days the sea turtle eggs will also be hatching.
Evening talks were very encouraging and interactive.  They were followed by great times of sharing in smaller groups during Cabin Time.
Pray for continued conversations about the Father and His love for these kids.