Ecuador Reflections

The Ecuador team had a busy agenda. Upon landing, we visited the Word of Life facility in Quito. Then on to Otavalo where we held medical clinics.

As you can see pictured, one of the girl’s dogs decided to sit on the table with her as she got her pulse taken. Emily was not even phased as the dog licked her arm while she worked. Another funny moment was when @kayak_cliff began taking pictures with the Compassion ladies who were half his height!

Today we saw the Palabra de Vida (Word of Life) Camp. Because of our connection with the Compassion ladies doing the clinics they asked if they could take the kids we provided care for to this camp. This is an important connection for the Gonzalez’s and those children may have the opportunity to go to camp and learn about Jesus who otherwise would not be able to.

On our last day, we took a tour of PUCE, a university in Quito, and were able to make connections with the nursing facility. This was crucial because this faculty knows best how healthcare in Ecuador functions and may be able to collaborate with us in the future! We are very very sad to say goodbye to the missionaries we have had the blessing to work with. They truly are special families with hearts to serve. Please pray for the Gonzalez and Luzuriaga families and their ministries as they continue to do important work in Ecuador! #CUGO #cedarville