Church Connections in France

We are excited to share what God has done these last two weeks in France!  We started our trip in Senots, France. It is a small village but God has used our time there perfectly. In Senots we had two events, a youth group event and a BBQ. During the youth event, we played games, prayed, worshiped, and prepared a song to perform at church the next Sunday. It was a great opportunity to meet these young believers because most of their friends at school are non-believers. Encouraging these children and teenagers was significant because they got to experience Christian community and recognize that we are all members of the same body, the church, even across nations. The next evening we had a BBQ, shared American s’mores and played Christian music. Our prayer was that more people would come than the last time we had a trip to Senots in 2017 and that it wouldn’t rain on us. God answered both prayers. At the end of the night a woman accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and one of the missionaries prayed for three people! It was amazing! Before we left the camp, the community in the campsite invited us to a dinner. We were given a woman’s address to be pen pals and she gave us photos from the last time we had a team in Senots. It was great to continue to love the people and see how God has worked through our ministry and is continuing to keep doors open for ministry (even when we go home). We connected the woman who accepted Christ with a pastor and gave her directions to a nearby church.

We then left for Paris to support a church plant in the city. So far, we have attended Bible studies with a spectrum of people, from curious non-believers to young Christians, alongside the full time missionaries. We have offered food, coffee, tissues, prayer, and the gospel to the homeless people in the area. We held a painting event which had a theme of restoration or renewal and the people were to paint what that meant to them. One of our team members, Beth Oldham, shared a poem about how her renewal comes from God. Seven women attended the event and we were able to form community and share about our beliefs in a safe space. The woman I sat next to was a Greek Orthodox woman who was encouraged to see young people involved in the church since people are not religious in Paris.Tomorrow our team will be playing music, sharing testimonies, and explaining our artwork from the previous event at the house church in the city. Not everyone who will be at church are believers and we are asking in prayer that God will use us to help soften hearts and bring people to Himself.  We will also attend the Paris Prayer Connection which is a prayer conference that is incredibly important for ministry in France. France is generally closed off to God and prayer is an incredibly important tool for missions in France. Please pray that all of the attendees will have safe travels and that our team will help facilitate the conference efficiently. #CUGO