Jake’s Final Thoughts From Summer In Africa

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August 13, 2019

A few last takeaways from Jake Grasser in Africa…

First off, Jesus is worthy of ALL honor and praise. Everything that happened this summer in the heart of those who I served and in my heart was totally because of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross. He is magnificent, and if more people were able to gaze at His beauty through interactions with me and by reading my writing, then the time and energy is well spent.

God has not shown a ‘special level’ of grace to me by revealing more of himself to me. He reveals himself to all of us equally- we must simply learn to look for Him in every situation. He is there if you look. One way to see more of God is to ask/petition/pray REGULARLY for more of your sin to be revealed. God wants our full devotion and faith- we won’t be able to do that until sin is cut out and removed. It isn’t fun at all, but God has shown me so much of my wickedness this summer and it has deeply increased my delight in Him by showing me that I literally CANNOT do it on my own. There is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than a life sold out for Jesus.

Until I learned to approach God in an intimate manner and actually be honest with myself AND God- I was just distant and putting on a ‘Christian’ front. I went to church, did the Sunday school thing, read my Bible occasionally. When I realized how unhappy I was and regularly cried out to God, He turned my cries into JOY. A scheduled out, regular time of prayer is critical to spiritual growth. Praying on my knees or laying on the ground in submission also helps me remove my wicked pride and admit my depravity.

Next steps- Lord willing: 2 more years of pharmacy school, then most likely 2 years of work to gain clinical experience, 1 year of language school- then move to West Africa full time. I don’t know what country or agency yet. I have my leanings, but there is plenty of time to make a decision.

May we never cease to have faith, love Jesus, and have compassion on those around us. Jesus is worth it all- believe that.

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