I Will Be Exalted Among The Nations

Among many cancellations that happened in the past couple of weeks, we announced last week that Cedarville Global Outreach trips are canceled for this coming summer.  This of course was difficult news for GO staff as well as the faculty, staff, and students who had been praying, planning, and fundraising.  I was planning on leading a trip this summer myself so I was feeling the weight of disappointment on that level as well.

However, in the midst of confusion and disappointment, in the middle of the wondering, God speaks to us from His Word.  The morning the announcement was made, I was reading Psalm 46.  I came across the very well known and often quoted phrase in verse 10, Be still and know that I am God”.

But how perfectly paired with that phrase is the next one, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”  God knows exactly what He is doing.  He can work without our help!  Be still, and watch Him.  He will be exalted among the nations.  Nothing can stop Him.

Let’s watch and pray.  Pray for the missionaries you were supposed to be serving with this summer.  Pray for the people you were supposed to be ministering to.  Pray for God’s glory to be known!

We in Global Outreach are so grateful for many of you who were willing to bring gospel hope to a different part of the world.  Lord willing you’ll have opportunity in the future to see that desire fulfilled.  Let’s trust that in the waiting, that in the quiet, while the world is “on hold” we can be still and know that He will be exalted. 

–Keith Holcomb, Global Outreach Staff

Soccer Team Update

An enjoyable time meeting university students in Lisbon talking life, playing beach soccer and enjoying company. Many special conversations took place planting seeds of our gospel hope.

A time of sharing after a game against Estoril Praia. Soccer is a beautiful bridge for gospel conversation! This night in particular individuals were particularly receptive to what we shared.
Sharing the hope for which we play the beautiful game following a match against Amora Futebol Clube. The five portuguese speaking players on our team were able to translate as testimonies and reasons for for faith were shared.

Atlanta Update

One of the unique experiences of the Atlanta team is that they get to learn about other cultural and religious practices and beliefs.

The medical team set up a pop-up clinic to do health screenings for refugees and other members of the local community.

The team went to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.  The white wall pictured above shows the Civil Rights Laws that have been passed.

Pharmacy, Nursing, and Pre-medical students assisted at the Grace Village Medical Clinic.

Eleuthera Update

A quick look at the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other before heading to camp.

The Eleuthera team before church on Sunday morning! We attended a Haitian Church, Palmetto Point Church of the Nazarene. Joe Gerber prepared a little sermon, Quinn Naegeli and Lexi Groters shared their testimonies, and the team sang In Christ Alone & How Great is Our God.

The team exploring the south side of Eleuthera!

Memphis Update

Our team started on Ms. Doris’ home bright and early Monday morning! We were able to take all of the old shingles off and replace wood that was unstable. While roofing was our main activity, our overall goal was to embody what Jesus described as the Church in Matthew 16:13-28. Don’t worry Moms and Dads, we kept our harnesses on!  #CUGO

Pittsburgh Update

It has been a great trip so far but very emotionally stretching.  Prayer seems to be a big part of out ministry so far.  We have been able to encourage and pray with several of the church planters.  We are praying here for Hogan who is working in a very difficult part of the city.

More prayer and sharing.

Inviting people in to the church.