Togo Update

togo 1

togo 2

This past week Cedarville nursing students Faith Karg & Marianna
Brewer organized a hand washing education for elementary children at
the Christian school in Tsiko, Togo West Africa! The demonstration
included lots of glitter & laughs as effective hand washing was
reviewed. #CUGO

China Update #3

We have had many conversations with young students learning English.  It’s encouraging to watch how this opens doors to share the good news. Keep praying for more conversations.  #CUGO

Haiti Reflections

The Power of Prayer

hait prayer hands

Haiti prayer

Prayer is powerful. This is something our Haiti team learned while serving. We met a young girl named Sophonie, who told us she prays every day for missionaries and was so excited to meet some. She asked we keep her in our prayers as well; that we would pray she’d stay joyful in the Lord always. We stopped everything we were doing, surrounded her, and lifted her up in prayer. Amidst her suffering and living conditions in Haiti, to stay joyful and rooted in Christ was her prayer. What’s yours? #CUGO


A Soccer Ball

haiti soccer boy

haiti-soccer boy and friends

In God’s sovereignty, He allowed us to meet this little boy named Johnny on a spur-of-the-moment trip detour. Johnny ran up to us smiling from ear to ear and asked if we had a ball. Pastor Lubin told him if he prayed, maybe God would provide one! Unbeknownst to Pastor Lubin, we had a soccer ball on the bus. We surprised Johnny with it minutes after he started praying, and his face was absolutely priceless. This should teach us something about God’s ability to provide even in the small things when we ask Him. #CUGO


Wisdom’s Song

momma beau

momma beau letter

This is Mommy Beau. Our team had the privilege of sitting with her in her home this past week soaking up all the wisdom she has. She sang us this song with words directly from God’s Word. Her biggest piece of advice: follow Jesus no matter the circumstance. #CUGO


Just Playing!

haiti kids playing

After a long day of construction, it was nice to play with the children. Our team was very thankful that laughter is a universal language. #CUGO

China Update

We spent the first four days in Beijing, a couple days in Xi’an, and now we’re back in Beijing where we will spend the remainder of our trip. So far, we have served in English corners, universities, and high schools. We’ve also been able to meet with Cedarville alumni stationed here and have assisted them with their students.  More updates to come!

— Hannah Schalles #CUGO

Haiti Update #2


The poverty is real, but the love of Christ is also real and in the midst of the people here in Haiti. As hard as it is driving down the unpaved roads and seeing nothing but chaos and extreme poverty, our team has centered our hearts on why we’re here. We get the chance to serve these people, love them, and share our stories. Praise God for that.


There are some people who come to church that don’t know where their next meal is coming from. They come, they fill up their bellies, and they praise God. Amen!” Their joy in the Lord is enough. We need that kind of dependence in the United States.


That yellow bus has carried us everywhere this week. From driving us through the bumpy streets to our work site for the week to taking us here…an absolutely beautiful beach where we spent our last full day in Haiti. It’s been an incredible week filled with new friendships, joy, children to love on, and personal growth.

–Erin Walsh(team member)

South Africa Update #4

Now that we have a few days left, we want to ask again for prayer, especially since a stomach bug is making its way through the team.  Also, chicken pox is making its way through some of the Bethesda children.  The team is safe, and resting, and continuing to serve the Lord.  Thank you for your support and prayer as we finish our Mission strong and well.

South Africa Update #3

Picture above (from left to right): Serena Snead, Jillisa Brummel, and Hannah Klabunde.
The team takes time to draw with the children and show them the magic of bubbles. #bethesdaoutreach #SouthAfrica #CUGO
Second picture (from left to right): John Hilderbrand, Jack Msiza (one of the house fathers), Jillisa Brummel, and Hannah Klabunde.
The team ministered to the adults by helping them paint the roof of the team center and preparing it for 3 more years of intense sunlight. #bethesdaoutreach #southafrica #CUGO