Southeast Asia Arrival and Prayer Update

Thank you for your prayers and support as the team and I made it to Southeast Asia a few days ago.  Our connecting flight and travel overall was smooth.  We took our first day to rest, take in some of the sites, and prepare ourselves for worship the next day (Sunday).
 It is a joy to be with our missionary friends.  They are like family to me!  Sitting around their dining table at mealtime brings back memories while new ones start with the team that I am leading this week.  Thankful for the upcoming week of service, praying that our skills and knowledge in pharmacy would be used as a platform to share the gospel light and the message of the hope of Christ. #CUGO
–Thad Franz (Team Leader)

Goodbye To Alaska

We made time to take one last team picture before we parted ways at the Anchorage airport.
Thank you all for your prayer and support this past month. This trip has been an amazing time of ministry and personal growth for each of us. Please continue to pray for JT as he remains in Glennallen, Alaska to serve for another month. Miriam, Stephanie, Lindsay and I would also appreciate prayer that we will glorify God in our various activities planned for the remainder of the summer in other parts of the country.  #CUGO
–Allison Roberts

Josiah Venture Interns

Josiah Venture (JV) is an agency that is focused on reaching Europeans with the gospel.  This summer JV interns  Caleb Hoover and John Costello will serve in Hungary, with recent graduate, Sean Kisch  who will serve with a music ministry in Slovakia.  Pray for them as they work to see a movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transforms society.  They will partner with national youth groups to put on summer camps, build relationships with non-believers, and share the gospel. #CUGO

Alaska Update #7

Lindsay and I are really going to miss working with the wonderful nurses and staff at the Interior Alaska Medical Clinic! They have all shown us abundant kindness, patience, and hospitality this past month, and we have learned so much from each one of them. It has been a huge encouragement to experience a work environment where coworkers truly care about each other and make a constant effort to build each other up.

Today we are heading back to Glennallen for a wrap-up session with our other teammates, and we fly out of Anchorage on Saturday.  #CUGO

–Allison Roberts

Alaska Update #6

Lindsay Porter and I had a great time helping out with the youth retreat at the First Baptist Church in Delta Junction this past Saturday and Sunday! We spent time hiking, canoeing, learning survival skills, and studying the Bible with middle school and high school students. We all learned a lot, but Lindsay and I quickly realized that the average Alaskan middle schooler has a better chance of survival in the wilderness than the average Ohio college student. #CUGO

–Allison Roberts

Peru Bible Distribution Team Update

I can say that I am so incredibly proud of this team. Today I watched everyone push themselves on one of the hardest hikes in Peru. We trekked 15 miles with a  height of a little over 15,500 feet. Even though there was little oxygen there was much encouragement from everyone on the team and I am praising God for blessing me with such incredible people. We look forward to what tomorrow brings as the next 5 days will be spent on the trail. Thank you everyone for praying for us and please continue to pray for those we meet during our travels. #CUGO

–Jessica Weisensee

Alaska Update #5

In order to preserve patient privacy, we cannot take photos of most of the work that we are doing here, but I can report that things are going well. During the week, Lindsay and I are working full time at the Interior Alaska Medical Clinic in Delta Junction: checking in patients, assisting staff with procedures, and helping out around the clinic in any way that we can. Our love is increasing for the people here as we learn the names, faces, and stories of our patients and coworkers.

We spent our Saturday exploring North Pole, Fairbanks, and Chena, and our late-night drive back to Delta Junction left us breathless as usual.

–Allison Roberts


China Update

The China team has returned.  Before departing, they were able to play soccer with some children who’s parents serve in country.  The goal of the team was to be an encouragement to fellow Americans as they continue to live life in a culture that is very different than their own.  Looks like Joel Wasserstein was getting a lot of play time on the field too! #CUGO