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November 5, 2015


There was such pride in their eyes. As I looked at the crowd in the fellowship hall of a Springfield, Ohio area church, what surprised me was their incredible pride in my daughter. They listened to Jessica talk about Cedarville and what this great school has to offer, while hanging on her every word. At the end of the night, one of the hosts, who coordinated the evening looked at Jessica and said;  “We really want you to come back! It’s important for our youth to see another youth who made it!” Especially on an evening when other community guests had been talking about Ohio’s dangerously high minority infant mortality rate (a later speaker would share there were 10 infant deaths in her family alone), seeing “one who made it through” seemed like a great achievement. They cheered for my daughter. The event was a community dinner and the goal was to introduce a mom’s group to agencies providing important resources to their families. The moms requested the involvement  of a Christian University. It was great hearing moms desire that their children grow in their walk with the Lord while they further their education. When the evening came to a close, one mom shared “this is my daughter, she is really intelligent and loves helping other people. One day she’ll be a nurse. Everyone cheered. Jessie took this picture with that young lady. Two wonderful young ladies. May the Lord open many more doors for them both!

Jessica Dyson stands next to a prospective student

Jessica Dyson inspires young and old with the idea of who their children could become!

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