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December 2, 2015



The first week in November, a small group of staff and students traveled to Chicago and participated in the Student Leadership Diversity Conference. 500 attendees gathered for a day of music, panel discussions, workshops and general sessions. There were many take aways from the conference. The most significant for many was considering the reality that God has made each of us unique! It was powerful to meet individuals from around the country and to realize the significant work God is doing in their worlds. The conference also included spoken word poetry artists. They shared the deepest concerns of their heart using poetry. It was both thrilling and sad as we began to process the thoughts they shared from their hearts. The afternoon included workshops and we divided and conquered! Each person attended a different conference workshop so our 5 hour ride back to Cedarville was filled with conversation, questions and answers. Grateful for the opportunity to improve our global competency.

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