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Cedarville University

December 9, 2015


7 people singing with funny expressions

Friends sing together and laugh together

There is a weekly rehearsal for 75-120 students that helps heal. After a long day of classes, students unwind to melodious sounds of Israel Houghton, Marvin Sapp & Kirk Franklin. These artists are not singing, but they provide the music. This is the One Voice Choir. Jim Cato, the Associate Vice President of Christian Ministries loves to tell the history of One Voice: “Mike Dorsey, Justin Spann, Ashlynn Kelly just to name of few who have helped make this expression a reality.” The concept of a choir is important. No auditions, just come and sing. For many (like myself) we are challenged to sing. This is a wonderful and fun opportunity to do just that. The choir is a cross cultural experience as we use many different music styles and many of the songs come from a Gospel genre.  The message of the songs help each member live out our faith more completely. For more information contact the Director, Ashlynn Kelley, at onevoice@cedarville.edu .



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