Cedarville's Center for Biblical and Theological Studies glowing in the evening light

Cedarville University

November 11, 2015
students on the DMC Recital Hall Stage learning African expressions

Students, faculty and staff enjoy a night of exposure to Latino and African expressions


What happens when you put students, faculty, staff, music, instructors and great Latino food together? You get the Salsa Workshop! On October 20th, instructors from the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company returned to campus to help us respectfully and educationally grow in our understanding of Latin and African expressions. We worked for what seemed like hours to perfect our “moves”.  More than anything, we learned that different cultures value different kinds of moves. We were able to learn more about other cultures while having a great time. After learning our two or three steps, we took a break and ate together! Empanadas, rice, beans & chicken were on the menu! This is the type of class everyone enjoys! Very thankful for the university’s Global Music Class and Professor Sandra Yang. Becoming aware of the world around you helps in building relationships for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ.



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