Thankfully, A New Way To Dine

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November 24, 2015


3 men standing together inside one Bistro

Phil Black and Pastor Justin Hoppee introduce Greg Dyson to One Bistro in Xenia

“Have you been to One Bistro? You need to check that out” . That is the question and statement that I’ve been challenged with time and time again over the last few months. It was great to see what is happening at this ministry first hand. One  Bistro offers not a hand out but a hand up.One Bistro provides meals and a top notch menu for suggested donations while providing a vehicle to “pay it forward” and assist those more challenged financially in the community. Actually, their real mission is not about food at all.  Their effort is designed to help neighbors share with neighbors about Jesus Christ!

Looking forward to many more visits to a place that offers a new way to dine and a new way to interact with the world around me for the sake of Jesus Christ.


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