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A group of diverse Cedarville students laugh among fall leaves

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January 9, 2016
A varied group of employees from Cedarville conquer the clock by investing some time together.

A varied group of employees from Cedarville conquer the clock by investing some time together.

The bowling alley is a fitting location to consider eternity. Everyone lives eternally, somewhere. Knowing you are going to spend eternity with the people you work with yet never really getting to know them is such a loss! In an effort to correct that challenge,  every 45 days or so a courageous group of warriors hit the lanes! Bowling is the best place to be transparent. Who has time to become good at bowling? When we recruit new attendees, our first question is “So when was the last time you went bowling?” We are looking to hear;” 2 years ago?!” With that good news the invitation goes out! We gather for a short time to laugh, hear about each others families, throw gutter balls and get the occasional strike. It’s too much fun! We come from different states, cultures and ethnicities but we can unify while on the lanes!  So now it’s a new year. Remember last year all the things that were important but not urgent (like rereading that little booklet, The Tyranny of the Urgent)? 2015 is gone. Those opportunities have past. It’s time to conquer the clock! Don’t let 2016 pass still planning to do a meal with that person, or planning to go for that walk during lunch or just hoping to meet the families of those you spend 50 hours a week with. Sacrifice the moment and allow something else to be added to the schedule! You may never be a great bowler, but maybe you can become even better acquainted with those around you and the blessing that comes from knowing each other is priceless. Today, place people over procedures & processes.

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