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Cedarville University

January 14, 2016

During the annual Cedarville Mission’s Conference students attended a meeting to learn about cross cultural internships. Kris Stout, Word of Life Vice President for International Ministries along with Word of Life Missionary, Ryan Williamson, traveled from Pottersville, NY and met with 3 dozen students to discuss  opportunities to serve the Lord cross culturally around the world post graduation.

man speaking to group of students

Kris Stout, VP of International Ministries at Word of Life speaks to Cedarville students in French, Spanish and English

We live in a global community. A cross cultural, two year internship assists missionaries on the field with much needed help while giving an individual intern two years to see what God can do in and through their lives overseas. Most of Word of Life’s missionaries are from a multicultural environment and all missionaries bring expertise in serving others on their respective fields. Word of Life has ministry in over 67 countries. Where would you like to serve? Completing your bachelors degree then investing your first few years embedded with God’s work somewhere can be a great investment of YOU! Questions? Contact Kris or Ryan at krisstout@wol.org 518-494-6324

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