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October 3, 2016
room full of pastors seated around a conference table

Local evangelical pastors gather to discuss reaching the world through discipleship.

Pastor’s Legacy Ministries held their annual conference recently at St. John Missionary Baptist Church in Springfield, OH. In addition to several Cedarville students in attendance, several hundred church leaders from 15+ local churches attended a day of workshops and general sessions focused around the topic of reaching the lost through discipleship. The pastors in attendance conducted a pastor to pastor session. Around the table were Cedarville University alumni, pastor’s whose flocks include Cedarville University faculty, staff and students and I was honored to participate in facilitation of this session with Rev.Bill Randolph Sr., a 25 year retired employee of Cedarville and now Sr. Pastor of First Baptist Church of Yellow Springs, OH. If you don’t already know Bill, you may know his son, William Randolph III, serving as a manager in our Admissions Department at Cedarville or Bill’s wife, Florence who is a Cedarville alum.  It was a blessing to hear these men expound Scripture, share their hearts, love on each other and spur one another toward good works. The Lord is building this fellowship and you can be encouraged in a world that is struggling over ethnic issues, there is cross cultural pollination quietly happening around us and it’s blossoming and producing beautiful fruit. This pastors group is currently writing a book together and I’m hopeful that some of the young people from these local churches presently in middle and high school could one day be in the halls of Cedarville University as faculty, staff and students. Equipped and prepared for life in a multi-ethnic, cross cultural world.

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