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July 19, 2016
Students from the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association visit Cedarville University and make their mark!

Students from the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association visit Cedarville University and make their mark!

So excited to host the students from the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association this week at Cedarville University! One of the greatest ways to impact thinking is to do life on life together. That is what will happen this week as students from Syracuse, New York; Kansas City,Kansas; Atlanta, Georgia;Indianapolis, Indiana and London,Ohio gather to enjoy worship, instruction, fellowship and expression of Faith in Christ. Each year when the FBFA annual conference is happening nationally, their youth break away and visit significant attractions and schools . The goal is to expose the young adults to the possibilities that are available. When we heard the conference was happening in Indiana this year, we jumped at the opportunity to host their youth on campus! This group is modest in number but focused in their resolve. We are looking for young leaders serious about making an impact interculturally. The FBFA has a strong track record of providing champions able to rise to the occasion. One challenge for Christian Universities is finding multicultural youth able and interesting in going into a cultural climate that is still growing in its understanding and acceptance of different cultures. This is imperative while keeping focused on Christ. It has been wonderful over many years seeing the FBFA and their affiliate circles connect with schools like Cedarville and seeing FBFA students attend and graduate often with honors. The competition to find these students is fierce. We are thrilled to have a few days to offer them some Yellow Jacket hospitality! In their just over 96 hours with us their activities will include:

Visiting 2 Historically Black Colleges (HBCU)

Visiting the National African American Museum

Touring Cedarville University

Meeting our members of our Admissions team

Experiencing praise and worship with members of First Baptist Church London

Visiting the newly opened  Ark Experience – Answers in Genesis

Having ice cream at Young’s Dairy Farm

Living on campus

Doing door to door visitation in a neighboring community

Participating in a leadership development workshop

Please pray for their safety as they travel and be encouraged that God is giving us the chance to expose some young leaders to Cedarville! 20 million students go to college somewhere, it would be great to have some of these particular students come back and do their education with us here! Please pray to that end! Looking forward to a powerful time with them! For the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ



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