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August 10, 2016
Celebration of success! (LtoR) Rev. Bruce Traeger, Mr. & Mrs Ferguson, Rev. Milton Kornegay, Rev. Victor Clay & Dr. Patrick Oliver

Celebration of success! (LtoR) Rev. Bruce Traeger, Mr. & Mrs Ferguson, Rev. Milton Kornegay, Rev. Victor Clay & Dr. Patrick Oliver

There is a moment in the life of a parent when you simply well-up with joy and pride over what God has done in the life of your child! A few weeks ago in Indianapolis Mr. & Mrs. Ferguson attended the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association. They were called forward to honor their daughter, Brittany Cleopatra Ferguson on her receipt of the Rev. James D. Parker Sr. Young Leadership Award. Cleo, as she likes to be called, has received a full tuition scholarship towards her attendance at Cedarville University! Bruce Traeger and Patrick Oliver we honored to represent Cedarville University at the FBFA annual conference in July. The partnership with the FBFA has been bolstered by some amazing men of God. Victor Clay, the acting Executive Director of the FBFA has been working hard to help us gain exposure to their churches, pastors and congregants. Milton Kornegay, the President of the FBFA believes in the mission of Cedarville University.  He is working to help others see, some for the first time, Cedarville University as a viable option for their students. Kornegay also brings his family to campus as often as possible. Several weeks before the Annual FBFA conference he traveled with his sons and other youth from Central Baptist in Syracuse, NY to attend a Basketball camp at Cedarville. Both Rev. Kornegay and Rev. Clay pastor churches and minister in their community for Christ. Dr. Oliver, a retired police chief and current professor at Cedarville is a regular workshop presenter at the FBFA conference.  Bruce Traeger, the Church Relations Director at Cedarville works to build bridges with churches and pastors for the cause of Christ. We are thrilled that this year in addition to FBFA students coming from NY and Kansas City, we also have a student, Jamie Brocks, coming from IN! Jamie was also the recipient of the Walter L. Banks Scholarship! This is an award presented by the FBFA to assist with educational expenses. Both young ladies, along with Koinonia Strong, last years recipient of the Parker award, will be on the campus of Cedarville together this fall! Please pray for Cedarville and the FBFA as we work to support churches and their families seeking to educate the next generation of leaders for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.

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