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Cedarville University

January 27, 2016



Music for the Master

A picture is worth 1000 words. These young men spent a few years getting to know each other as students in a unique environment in Pottersville, NY. Then they both transferred to continue their education at another Christian university with almost 4,000  students in a small Midwest town 20 miles outside of Dayton, OH. Then they moved into the same residence hall at that university! If that was not enough, a few weeks ago they spent 1500 miles in a van together while working on an important outreach project. How are they doing it? Sometimes you spend 10 minutes with a good friend and you’ve had enough!  This background makes the video attached to this story that much more powerful. They may have different parents and come from different communities on different continents, yet listen to the beautiful music they create! They are truly friends. Their friendship finds its basis in their faith. They live out Proverbs 18:24 and communicate to a hurting world that there is a God and He is able to help with the big challenges and small  ones alike.


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