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February 1, 2017

Cedarville students explore the issues of race and ethnicity together

Cedarville University offers opportunities for faculty, staff and students to explore African American considerations during February as we recognize Black History Month.

Listen, Lunch and Learn – There will be 5 lunch time table discussions led by various members of our faculty & staff from an African American perspective. You’ll learn their testimonies and hear about different aspects of their lives both past and present.  The Listen Lunch and Learn provides the opportunity to ask questions of colleagues that you serve with.  The 5 dates are ;

Fri. Feb. 3, 10, 24

Mon. Feb. 13

Fri. March 3

All 5 lunches will take place in the Stephen’s Student Center Dining Room (aka- Chucks) from 12PM-1PM.  Look for reserved seating. This will be a first come, first serve, small group event. Pick up your lunch and join us, or get a table near by and listen in!

Speakers will share for approximately 15 min, followed by small group discussion over lunch.

Talk, Munch & Movie – Annually, current minority students are given an opportunity to call future minority students and answer questions about Cedarville University while asking them to consider visiting the ville. After calling time, we host a movie night! This is a great give back evening where reaching out brings real results. This year, there are several current students on campus, in part from last years calling efforts! Students bring their cell phones, we provide everything else. There are many future students wondering if they will “fit” at Cedarville. These calls help answer that question with a resounding YES as they speak to students similar in many ways to themselves! We end the night with a movie and pizza for those doing the calling to help us process Black History Month. Please save the dates;

Tuesday Feb. 7 & Tuesday Feb. 28th

6:30-8p  Calling time

8-9:30P  Movie time!

Faculty/ Staff Prayer & Praise Time!  

Continuing our efforts in unique prayer opportunities, we will provide a few special prayer times to add to your calendar; February 1, 13 and March 1st. Each session will be held in SSC 162D (Lower level) from 1-1:30P. We will enjoy one of the greatest privileges together! Some schedules will not allow you to join us to pray together however in 2017 we can see the clear need, mandate and urgency to pray. May the Lord help us to take every opportunity to do so.

Thank you for your encouragement and support as we seek to have Cedarville look and function a little more like Heaven everyday.


With eternity in mind,


Rev. Greg Dyson

Director of Intercultural Leadership





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