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February 7, 2017
students sitting around a table making phone calls

A diverse group of students take some time to call a diverse group of prospective students about applying for the One Campus Leadership Scholarship

A few times a year, we are blessed to experience powerful moments of relationship that go beyond what words can convey. A diverse group of students gathered and prayed for what they were about to do. Calling future students is not easy, but we believed that some prospective students from diverse backgrounds could benefit from talking to a current student who understands a little more about their context.

There was a lot of dialing, a lot of greeting, a few hang up calls, and some moments filled with deep connection and prayer. Each of these moments reminds us that we are one in Christ, yet we still have differences. Our uniqueness can help us see our place and purpose in the body of Christ. One thing that made this night special was that a caller assisting us was someone we called during this same event last year! Because of the phone call she received, she ultimately became a student! For her, it was an emotional night to see how this all fits together. For me it was great watching the “next generation” of callers, themselves diverse, invite even more diverse students to the campus.  The room was voluntarily filled with leaders including Sr. Class President, Chapel band members, local ministry team leaders, and the President and Officers of the new One Campus Leadership Organization.

At Cedarville, by God’s grace, we are becoming more Biblically diverse. In some ways this is a change, but a change rooted in the Gospel as we reach out to the peoples and nations who have believed in Christ. As our complexion grows, our theology remains deeply rooted in the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Learn more about the One Campus Leadership Scholarship here.

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