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September 12, 2017

Members of the Word of Life leadership team spend a day with Cedarville University’s Intercultural Leadership and admissions staff, looking at ways we can improve the experiences and opportunities for multiethnic students.

Leaders from Word of Life Bible Fellowship recently joined staff from Cedarville University for a time of forward thinking regarding the students, staff, and faculty who will populate our campuses in the future. The world we live in is multiethnic, and we are excited to prepare for students coming to us from communities and nations all around the globe. Because of our missions are similar, there is much connection between WOLBI and Cedarville. Annually many students visit Cedarville from WOLBI and like me, transfer to Cedarville University. Both institutions are enjoying an increase in students from many different cultures. The mix of these cultures helps us promote cultural humility while we gently learn about and from each other. We also gain deeper understanding of simple and complex differences, which give our students a great advantage going into the world God has placed us. Tomorrow’s graduate will be less ignorant and more aware of the convergence of cultures and thus more prepared to live in our multicultural tomorrow. When I graduated from Cedarville, the house we purchased was surrounded by people from different cultures and backgrounds. Less than one minute from my house, my neighbors were Jewish, German, Filipino, Italian, and Columbian. The church I served in had people from 19 different nationalities. That was 21 years ago. As Christian educational institutions we want to help all ethnic groups to thrive on our campuses. This will take intentionality, strategy, humility, patience, and prayer. I am thankful for each forward step we are able to take for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ.

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