Let’s Talk About It – Our Many Privileges

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April 8, 2017
12 faculty staff and students pose for a picture

Phi Alpha hosted a “Let’s Talk About It” conversation with students, faculty and staff at Cedarville University

On a recent Tuesday night, 65 members of the Cedarville University family took time to recognize that we have been blessed. Blessed with families, blessed with education, blessed with relationships, and more. No doubt about it, we are privileged. We discussed not if we were privileged, but rather, since we are privileged, for the glory of God acknowledging our status and what shall we do with the many privileges we’ve been blessed with? What a challenging question. We examined that and other questions as we watched the movie “Free Indeed.” After being introduced to this film in a workshop led by Rev. David Graham at the General Association of Regular Baptists annual convention several years ago, it has been encouraging to use this material in many different settings as this conversation becomes more and more relevant. The night ended with a Q & A session that included questions from the floor regarding helping minorities not feel like just a number on a quota and questions related to finding and retaining non-white faculty and staff members. The event was 90 minutes long and afterward people lingered and simply talked. The photo above was taken about 45 minutes after the session was over, and we realized we’d like a memory of the night! In response to one of the questions, Dr. Murdoch said with tears in his eyes, “Some of these things I’ve believed and have fought for my whole life.” May the day come when our children and their children talk about what was important to us and that they would be able to speak of the things we did that made room for the Gospel to be proclaimed. Very thankful for Phi Alpha’s effort to help us engage and consider some of those issues that are typically road blocks to the Gospel. Especially for minorities, it is complex when we claim Jesus but are are unable to to talk openly or directly about the things that often impact the very people that Jesus died for. Thank you Phi Alpha for recognizing the need to help the students, staff, and faculty to “talk about it.”

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