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June 21, 2017
eight people looking up at the camera and smiling

It’s a great joy to speak with families regarding their children’s futures and how education can impact their lives.

It may be time to look over your shoulder and consider those who have influenced your life. How are those folks doing? What is the “next” thing in their lives? What are their dreams for their tomorrows? What, if any, are their regrets? If they had to do it all over again, what would they change? Sometimes yesterday’s influencers are barely aware of their roles in our lives. Maybe it’s time to come out and share their impact with them.

It’s a blessing to look around and see that in addition to yesterday’s influencers, tomorrow, there is a whole new batch of folks who have entered our lives: co-workers, neighbors, pastors, et al. Not all, but some, from either of these groups, past or present, will continue influencing your life into the future!

So as you approach big crossroads, take a moment and remember to include the lifetime influencers in the conversation. I like to talk candidly with my influencers. We discuss situations, wrestle through the challenges, and they sharpen my iron every day. They help me rethink controversial and difficult issues. They stop me from putting my foot in my mouth. More than anything, I consider them a gift from God as they confirm what the Lord may have already shown me in His Word or through prayer about a situation, opportunity, or need. Be thankful for them and in the days to come, don’t allow your key influencers to be simply soundbites in your life, instead go for lifetime impact!


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