Mother & Daughter Share Passion Through Military Exhibit

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September 26, 2017
two people in the foreground, jeep in the background and in the far background there is a trees mural painted on wall

Current Cedarville University students, Gina Dyson and her daughter Miranda stand near their mural work displayed in the WWII exhibit at the National Afro-American Museum in Wilberforce, Ohio.

Ever since she was a little girl, Gina has been especially gifted in art. Paint, wood, metal, and cloth are just a few of the materials she enjoys working with. More than 30 years ago, shortly after getting married, she attended a home country decor party and realized, ” I can make most of what they are selling!” She soon started doing her own craft parties. Later, she opened a country collectibles and custom framing shop. Finding joy as a homemaker and pastor’s wife, Gina put aside one passion for another. As her three children have grown, she once again has enjoyed picking up her passion for art and using it to continue to give God His glory. In recent years, she has used her gifts to encourage her children, who are all artistic themselves, as well as using art in her ministry at First Baptist Church of London, where Gina has helped other ladies exercise their artist talents.

Gina’s daughter Miranda, an upperclassman at Cedarville University, like her mother, is majoring in studio art. They have not had a class together yet, but that has not stopped Miranda from partnering with her mom doing art. After volunteering this summer at the National Afro-American Museum, working primarily with photographic archiving, Miranda was invited to contribute to the museum’s World War II display that opened on September 23. She asked her mom to assist her with a woodland scene. Together they accomplished much, representing their individual efforts and displaying the training and excellence they’ve been taught at Cedarville. Miranda, was born when her Canadian-born mother was first a student at Cedarville working on a bachelor’s degree in Christian education. Upon returning to Cedarville, Gina chose to complete her bachelor’s degree, this time majoring in art. “It’s relaxing to me,” Gina has said many times. Their work is part of a powerful display that helps individuals better understand the double victory sought by the African-American soldier. Standing up for the United States around the world helping us gain victories while also seeking a victory at home in the area of ethnic relations.



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