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July 27, 2017

Parents are a welcomed part of the campus fabric especially at the beginning of the school year.

Everyone remembers being dropped off at college for the first time. When my mom took me to college, she was determined that I would have the opportunity to follow God’s call for my life. I didn’t want her to drive me to school, but looking back, I’m so very glad she did. In those hours of transition, she reminded me – through tears – of her wishes for my success.  That is the desire and hope that many parents have for their children.

At Cedarville, parents are an important part of the campus fabric. Many of them, like my wife and me, attended Cedarville before our children. We have our own set of memories. Parents wander the campus remembering where Chuck’s (the dining hall) used to be, funny messages they read on The Rock (the campus graffiti spot), and picking dandelions (a previous president’s main reason for allowing students to walk on the grass).

Over the next few weeks, there will be an increased presence of parents on Cedarville’s campus. Parents, please enjoy your time on campus with your children as you bring them to school. We love having you here! When you go, remember it’s our desire to care for your children like they are our own. They are our family now. We will do our best to care for them, laugh with them, encourage them, grow them, and teach them. When you see them again, we trust you’ll see the same awesome young person you dropped off, just a little more mature and a little wiser. Thank you, parents, for sharing your greatest gift with us, your not-so-little ones (Matt. 19:14).

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