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August 5, 2017
@ pharmacy students stand in front of research display board

Cedarville’s pharmacy team presents research project at SNPhA symposium

Submitted by Aaron J. Oliver, 2019 Pharmacy Student

At the annual gathering of the Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) in Nevada this summer, students from our Cedarville chapter participated in the Leadership Committee, along with chapters from around the country. The conference included several guest speakers that taught us how to become better leaders, not only in the community but also among our peers. Students were also involved in a clinical skills challenge as well as a networking event called SNPhA Academy.

We also had the exciting opportunity to present a research project during a two-day symposium. The project examined the criteria that minority students use when choosing a pharmacy school. In addition to the presentation, the SNPhA National Board nominated Cedarville for chapter of the year; Maa Debrah, our president, as SNPhA president of the year; and James Baffoe, our initiatives chair, as community leader of the year. Maa also ran for SNPhA National President, which included giving a five-minute speech to all the SNPhA members. The team attended the awards ceremony as the final event of the conference. James Baffoe won a scholarship for community leader of the year, and Cedarville won an award for having the best scrapbook detailing all of their SNPhA events throughout the year.
The SNPhA National Conference was an incredible time for Cedarville’s team of pharmacy students to network, celebrate, and grow as professionals in the field of pharmacy. We learned a lot at this national event and are motivated to carry the momentum into the next school year.

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