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A group of diverse Cedarville students laugh among fall leaves

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February 24, 2017

Meeting students at a college fair in the mountains of upstate NY

Have you ever thought about the things you believed when you were younger that you later found out were not true? Here’s my list: the earth is flat, Santa likes cookies, the Easter Bunny, falling asleep in church keeps you from heaven, and racial reconciliation is not possible. I used to believe that being ethnically “invisible” was for the best. Then one day I started to actually believe what the Bible says about being fearfully and wonderfully made. I started to understand that the snowflakes, autumn leaves, and people were made to be diverse, and that those differences were not something to step away from, but rather to step into, which is important to think about in relation to global humility. I truly had to humble myself and realize I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I used to believe the evangelical community would not have the blessing of seeing the “all nations” talked about in the Bible.  I thought things were just the way they were. That through some slow “evolutionary process,” things in the body of Christ would change, some far off day. But look around you today! I was wrong! Praise the Lord! I was completely wrong! May the Lord humble us all, so we will be able to learn and accept what He has already done.

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