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February 13, 2017

Pharmacy students from Cedarville University & Ohio Northern University hosted a Healthier Living fair in London, OH

Twenty five people from various ethnic backgrounds attended a mini health clinic hosted by students from various ethnic backgrounds. This may not sound revolutionary, but with pharmacies nationally seeking Pharmacists who can relate on several levels to their patients, this is critical for good health care. People want to relate to their care provider. If they find a connection, they are more likely to trust their provider and follow their instructions and ultimately live a healthier life! A health fair is just one of step that a community can do to build the connection for better overall living. Friends and members of a small baptist church in London allowed the students to assist them by taking their Blood Pressure, checking their Cholesterol and measuring Glucose counts. Afterwords the students discussed their findings with the patients all under the watchful care of a licensed Pharmacist. Later they played games in the Family Life Center (gym) with the church members and then enjoyed a local lunch together with other college students and a few congregants. Powerful example of the intersection of  faith, medicine, education, ethnicity and hope.

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