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March 1, 2018

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Brussel sprouts, carrots, and green beans may make you cringe, depending on your food tastes. That’s the way I sometimes feel about difficult topics. They can be tough to swallow. But it does not make the conversation any less important.

Diversity can be a difficult topic to approach, but a necessary one. Recently, Cedarville University’s Intercultural Leadership assisted a local high school with a conversation about diversity, as part of an assembly held the same day the entire student body saw the movie “Wonder.”

The students laughed, listened, and learned about the power of words and the power of kindness to combat certain kinds of collateral damage caused by our misspoken words. Our 50 minutes together flew by, and we left the students not only encouraged but with some specific tools to help them help others.

We have been invited to three high schools and one college to speak on the topic of diversity. We look forward to assisting those desiring a Brussel sprout-type conversation. It is a blessing that Cedarville, even as we learn and grow in the area of diversity ourselves, can take what we have and share it with the world.

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