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March 15, 2018

students sitting around a table, eating a meal5 people smiling at camera

What do you get when you have an Ecuadorian, a Peruvian, and a Canadian in the kitchen? A really, really good meal, with lots of conversation and lots of great fellowship! Two nursing students, Priscila Gonzales and Hannah First, while putting their cooking skills together and borrowing the kitchen of Studio Art Major, Gina Dyson, whipped up a great meal and invited some of their friends to come and enjoy it with them. There is something special about creating a meal from scratch and then enjoying it with friends. If you want a simple but effective way to learn about another people group or share your heritage, this is a great place to start! You’ll find tips below to make it happen.

For the host:

  • Keep your invite group small enough for the event to be memorable
  • Pick a warm, inviting location
  • Keep the portions small so the main focus is not the food; let people simply sit and talk

For the guests:

  • Smile much!
  • Take small bites giving your taste buds an opportunity to adjust to new experiences
  • Ask the history of the food you are eating
  • Work at making the conversation about more than the food

As you use food as the “reason” to connect, enjoy being together and talk to each other and see what connections God creates!


With  eternity in mind

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