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April 21, 2015

Written by Julie Deardorff,  Director of Collection Services

Taylor Wilcox

Taylor Wilcox

The Centennial Library’s Library Careers Program was established to help students discover if a library career would be a good match for their skills and interests. Senior Taylor Wilcox is an excellent example of a student who took advantage of the opportunities available to Cedarville University undergraduates. Prior to her senior year, Taylor met with librarians to discuss her interests, attended the Library Careers Dinner, and did a summer internship at the National Archives at Kansas City.

Taylor at Digital Commons

Taylor is pictured here with Greg Martin, Digital Commons Director, and Kirsten Setzkorn, Digital Services Specialist

During fall semester 2014, Taylor took the Library Internship course, which gave her hands-on experience in many areas of library work, as well as opportunities to analyze current issues in the library field. At the end of the internship, Taylor felt that there were additional areas related to academic library research services that she wanted to explore, as well as topics related to career preparation and the history of libraries that merited further study. The Library Independent Study allowed Taylor to continue to pursue these interests during spring semester 2015 with a focus on reading, writing and discussion.

Taylor at CMC

Taylor works with Sharon Kerestes, Curriculum Materials Center Librarian

Now, as she concludes her time at Cedarville, Taylor will be able to make a decision about graduate school for the master of library science degree based on experience and careful thought. Should she decide to continue in the library field, she will be realistic about the benefits and drawbacks of the profession and will have created a network of librarians at the university and in the community who are committed to supporting her efforts.

“Over the course of my internship and independent study, I have deepened my knowledge of the inner workings of academic libraries.  The work I have done has helped me to pinpoint my interests and passions in the field of library science, as well as strengthening my researching, analyzing, and instructing skills.  My hands-on experience and my connections with the librarians will continue to benefit me as I move on towards grad school and a career,” said Taylor.

Taylor’s senior presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, April 22, at 6:55 in the SSC event rooms.  The title is: “webster (‘web-stər) n. one who weaves or unites”. The links below are examples of Taylor’s work that she completed during her Library Independent Study this spring:

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