Book Display – “Perspectives on the 2016 Presidential Election”

September 6, 2016

Sharon Tapia is interning at the Centennial Library during the fall semester. Below, she describes the book display she just put together…

The theme of my display is “Perspectives on the 2016 Presidential Election.” I was interested in this topic for a few reasons.

IMG_20160906_155237507The first, obviously, is that this is an election year so the discussion is on everyone’s mind– especially with all the controversy surrounding the Democratic and Republican candidates–and I wanted to choose something that was relevant.

The second is that, as a person who knows very little about politics, I have wanted to learn more about exactly what is at stake and how the process is working. I tried to select books that offered different perspectives on the political process, past elections, the policies being argued, and the candidates themselves. That way if someone is truly interested in learning more about the election, they’ll have a large and varied selection offering different information and ideas.

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