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February 29, 2016

Looking for something to read other than assigned course materials or your textbooks? Here are a few recommendations from Centennial Library staff members…

deadpresidentsJulie Deardorff, Director of Library Collection Services, recommends Dead Presidents by Brady Carlson:

“Sure, reading about the lives of the presidents provides a good perspective on our nation’s history. But why stop when their lives are over? Journalist Brady Carlson follows the American presidents beyond the grave. How have we memorialized our presidents? Are the common assumptions of how certain presidents died accurate? Why have some presidents received more respect dead than alive? Combining history and popular culture, Dead Presidents is both entertaining and informative.”

Brady Carlson’s “Dead Presidents” is available in print at the Centennial Library and also through SearchOhio

Lynne Funtik, Information Services Librarian, recommends At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon:

“The winter month of February seems an appropriate time to recommend the ‘At Home in Mitford’ series by Jan Karon, particularly if you’re a hopeless romantic.

mitford“Beginning with a dog who won’t stop barking until his owner quotes Scripture (not a misprint), the saga of an abandoned boy who grows up under the tutorage and care of a minister –who marries for the first time in his 60’s, the never-ending challenges of living with diabetes, and the profound consequences of a mother who sells one of her six children for yet another bottle of liquor are part of this New York Times, best seller series. It’s that good.

“Most importantly, though, are the noticeable and careful weaving of redemptive grace, portrayed through a community of believable and endearing characters. Routinely the reader is either shaking their head in humorous disbelief or finding a wistful lump in their throat.”

“And, one more thing: ‘Welcome to Mitford.'”

Jan Karon’s “At Home in Mitford” is available in print at the Centennial Library and also through OhioLINK. You can also request the audiobook version through SearchOhio. Copies of the entire series are also available at the Centennial Library, and in multiple formats through OhioLINK.



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