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January 27, 2016

Looking for something to read other than assigned course materials or your textbooks? Here are a few recommendations from Centennial Library staff members…

miracles2Jeff Gates, Information Services Librarian, recommends the audiobook Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life by Eric Metaxas:

“The question of miracles. Believing in miracles. What is a miracle? Miracles and science. Is life a miracle? The miracle of the universe. Questions about miracles. These are titles of the first chapters of this engaging audiobook by Eric Metaxas, who is best known for his New York Times bestselling book, Bonhoeffer. In the second half of the book, the author highlights miracles in the Bible and shares accounts of miracles from credible people he has known. While you may be skeptical of some of the accounts, most will encourage your faith in our miraculous God.”

Eric Metaxas’ “Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life” is available in print and audiobook format at the Centennial Library and also through OhioLINK

plottedJulie Deardorff, Director of Library Collection Services, recommends Plotted: A Literary Atlas by Andrew DeGraff:

“Freelance illustrator Andrew DeGraff offers a geographical perspective on an eclectic assortment of classic literature in Plotted: a Literary Atlas. Confining the novels, short stories and one autobiography to, in most cases, a single double-page spread map forces DeGraff to really focus on both the context and his interpretation of the meaning of each tale. Introductory essays by Daniel Harmon provide the setting for the maps. As DeGraff explains in his introduction, ‘…the Plotted maps are intended to be simultaneously literal and metaphorical. One way or the other, they seek to draw you in.'”

Andrew DeGraff’s “Plotted: A Literary Atlas” is available in print at the Centennial Library and also through OhioLINK and SearchOhio

morebetterJoe Fox, Instructional Services Librarian, recommends Do More Better by Tim Challies:

“Would you like to be more productive? Most of us would answer yes to that question, even as the busyness of our lives sometimes wears on us. But have you thought about why you want to be more productive? Along with providing tips, tricks, and software tools to improve your productivity, Challies gives insight into why productivity matters, why doing more good is the goal, and Who is the reason for it all. He anchors the book around this statement:

Productivity is effectively stewarding your gifts, talents, time, energy, and enthusiasm for the good of others and the glory of God.

“Overall, I think Challies blends the why and the how extremely well in this book, as we look forward to a new year and the goal of being more productive in all we do. The time invested in reading this book should pay off, if you follow the steps as he has outlined them. Worth checking out!”

Tim Challies’ “Do More Better” is available in print at the Centennial Library

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