Intern’s Perspective | Jacob Ludwig

October 11, 2017

Typically, when a music student is exploring life beyond college, the main points of focus are perfecting audition materials, such as excerpts, or writing a stellar example essay to enter a graduate program. It is not usually the first thought of a musician to think, “The library!” Being a BA in Music with concentrations in music history and clarinet performance, I thought it was rather strange to have this thought cross my mind. I never thought I would wake up one morning with the idea of being an orchestral librarian or working in an academic library. Being a part of the Centennial Library Student Internship has been nothing short of a rewarding experience. Being exposed to the various operations and functions that happen on a daily basis under the library roof has been very surprising due to the various “hats” that the faculty and staff of the library have to put on working here at Cedarville. Let’s go to one of my favorite experiences.

Mr. Brock, the Dean of Library Services, took us interns on a tour through the library’s archives and special collections on, I believe, a very nice and beautiful Friday. The library is the housing unit for most, if not all, of Cedarville University’s archival history. As Mr. Brock took us downstairs, we arrived at a simple looking door next to the brand new university newsroom hosted by the Centennial Library. Walking through the doors, we all came into a high-ceilinged room containing large moving storage racks with rotating spindle handles. The room held everything from the earliest photographs of Cedarville College to the diorama of the Dixon Ministry Center from its conception before the 1996 construction. Much of the earliest materials were from the Presbyterian days of Cedarville College, especially from the class of 1903. This was probably my favorite part of the internship.

From my current perspective, I think that any person who has even a slightly vested interest in libraries should consider applying for the Centennial Library Internship. What you might find will surprise. Do you think I am wrong? Let me take you to a more personal example. Having both an interest in musicology and library science for graduate school, I was searching for programs at various universities to get the general overview. In looking at two universities in particular, one offered a dual program in musicology and library science; the other university’s music history professor has a graduate degree in library science! The library can be a gateway to many incredible life experiences; it sure has been for me.

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