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December 4, 2018 by

Some students at Cedarville often check the upcoming chapel schedule to see who will be speaking or if we are having a worship chapel. Normally, I am not one of those people, so I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into chapel Wednesday, November 14. It was one of two annual Global Outreach chapels, where students share their experiences from short- and long-term missions trips.

I’ve never been on a missions trip during my time at Cedarville. Dr. White often jokes (I hope he’s joking anyway …) that he will not give a students their diploma if they haven’t been on a missions trip during their time here.

The chapel was an encouraging time, featuring interviews with a few students who went on short- and long-term trips through Cedarville’s Global Outreach.

Cara, a senior nursing student, went to Swaziland to help an organization that provides healthcare. I personally found this really cool, because I think that healthcare missions is some of the most impactful and important work that can be done to both help others with physical needs and also share the Gospel to those who might need it the most.  

Evan, a junior accounting major, went to Mexico to participate in a basketball ministry and will soon be going to Haiti to do the same. While I’m not the biggest sports guy, it was obvious to me how impactful the basketball could be in spreading the Gospel. I’m excited to see that there are opportunities like this to minister to unreached people!

Mae, a senior international studies student, went to Turkey to help run Christian summer camps. I was especially touched by her stories of how she was able to directly impact some of the kids she counseled for the Gospel.

All of them told about their times on these trips, how much of a blessing they had been, and how God provided everything they needed.

I’ll admit, one of my biggest hang-ups about going on a Global Outreach trip is the cost. They’re quite expensive. I’m poor. It was interesting to hear that all of these students who had gone on one or more of these trips had had the same concern, but God had provided everything they needed.

Perhaps I’ll get to go on one of these trips yet! Maybe then Dr. White will give me my diploma after all. Haha. 🙂 It was encouraging to see how these fellow students have been able to use their gifts and what they’re learning to serve the Lord, and it’s definitely helped open my mind toward how I might be able to use journalism to serve the Lord as well!


Till next time.

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