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June 26, 2019 by

The summer before you come to college is all about preparing — preparing your heart, your closet, and your long list of items to pack. Here’s a list of what I believe are must-haves, as well as some items that you could afford to leave at home. 

5 Must-Haves:

Command hooks.

I use these for everything. Command hooks are a great way to make use of dorm space, and they’re essential for hanging up towels and jackets.

A good journal.

Freshman year is a time of immense growth. It’s really important to have a way to record and remember all that you’re taking in and learning. Whether the journal is filled with chapel notes, personal reflection, prayers, or all of the above, you won’t ever regret having one place to write down all that’s going through your mind in this exciting season. 

Professional clothes.

When it’s the week of your big presentation, you want to feel confident that you have the right clothes to wear. These clothes aren’t necessary just for juniors or seniors — there are a lot of general education courses that require professional dress for presentations. Also, you’ll need something to wear to the Career Fair!

Cleats/sports equipment.

Intramurals are so much fun, and they’re a great way to meet people. You don’t want to miss out on one of your favorite activities just because you didn’t come prepared! Or, even if you only use them for an occasional Saturday pick-up game, you’ll be glad you had them.

Great attitude.

I know this sounds cheesy, but I truly mean it. Getting Started Weekend and the first few weeks of freshman year can get overwhelming. So, it’s important to come in with a positive mentality. Remember that the Lord has brought you to Cedarville intentionally; rejoice in that, and let that joy affect your attitude each day of welcome week, even on move-in day!

5 Things to Leave Behind:


If you’re like me, you have a lot of mugs. I’m sure they’re really cute, too. But, do you truly need to bring seven to college? No. I use the same one every day, and the other nine just sit collecting dust on my shelf.

Iron and ironing board.

Although it’s important to look polished and crisp, most people don’t use their iron while in college. I recommend wrinkle-release spray as a last-minute fix for those stubborn wrinkles. 

Candles or candle warmer.

Neither candles nor the plug-in candle warmers are allowed in your dorm room. I recommend getting some string lights (one strand only!) and an air freshener to create a cozy, nice-smelling vibe for your space.

All those books you’ve been meaning to read for years. 

Books are valuable sources of education — but they’re also SO heavy, and they take up a whole lot of space. As much as you hope to have time to read those books that have been stacking up, it’s likely that you’ll be busy reading for class, for discipleship group, or books that were recommended by your peers or professors here at Cedarville.

Uncomfy/fancy shoes.

I love shoes, so I brought way too many my freshman year. I ended up wearing the same four pairs, and I only wore my nice, dress shoes once or twice. When you’re packing, make sure to value comfort over style. In college, you walk a lot, and there’s nothing worse than having to walk across campus back to your dorm in shoes that have been hurting you all day!


All in all, my best suggestion for you is to not stress about packing. Move-in day will arrive, and I promise that you’ll have what you need (even if that means three trips to Walmart in one afternoon…thanks, dad). The summer will fly by and soon you’ll be here at Cedarville! I hope you’re just excited as I am. 

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