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Welcome back to A Day in the Life of Val.

The last time we saw each other on campus, I was waving goodbye to my senior friends, moving out of the dorm for the last time, and then signing off for a fun-filled, relaxing summer. My final Instagram post of last semester was a picture of me in my empty dorm room (McKinney 126) with the caption “Here’s to never living in a dorm again!”

…Little did I know, of course.

This semester since I am a super-senior, I thought it would be a great time to transition into the “real world,” so I decided to live off campus. I rented a house in town with a couple of my pals. For the first week or so, I proudly walked around like someone who completely had their life together: a phrase that here means someone who can cook 50% of their meals without burning them. 

Yes, things were looking good. 

That is, of course, until things were not looking good.

After the Involvement Fair on one of the first weekends of school, I watched as everyone around me gathered in their groups of friends, with their hall mates, and their bro/sis to watch the movie campus activities was showing. And poor, poor me didn’t have anyone to sit with. The majority of my friends had graduated this past spring, and I didn’t realize how hard it would be to make new friends when I wasn’t even living on campus. 

I then walked home. In the dark. All alone. *insert crying emoji*

Fast forward through a stressful few days, which ultimately ended with me moving back on campus, and we arrive at three reasons why you should live on campus: community, community, community.

(Okay that’s actually just one reason, but I’ll break it down into three parts)

External Community

This is the aspect of community that happens the most in dorm life. This is bro/sis brunch on Saturday, spontaneous trips to Valley Thrift with your hall, or late night runs to Mom and Dad’s for ice cream with your roommate. Living in a dorm gives you a physical presence in campus life that just can’t be achieved off campus.

Internal Growth From Community

(Me and my lovely RA, Kathryn)

Yes, internal growth can happen anywhere, but there is something so unique about learning to live with other people in a dorm. Not only do you grow by learning about other people, but you also grow from the love of an RA or from the late night Bible studies with your hall. When you go through something really good or really bad, you have people immediately around you to laugh with you or comfort you. 

Community for Life

(Even though none of us live together anymore, Elisabeth, Maddie, Tori, and I have remained the best of friends. Here’s a pic of us painting pumpkins together!)

Lastly, the friendships you make on campus will be your friends for life. I lived with a girl last year in my hall and, even though she wasn’t able to come back to Cedarville this year, I know for a fact, she will be my friend until we’re both in nursing homes together.


In conclusion, live on campus. Make friends.

Until next time.

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