Money. Money. Money. MONEEYYY!

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January 30, 2020 by

Money. Money. Money. MONEEYYY!

No, this blog post is not all about money, but it partly alludes to it;). I know that one of the big questions that I had coming in was where I could get a job while being a full-time student. As a campus tour guide, this was also a question that I got a lot, so I wanted to share the different job opportunities that I have had as a student at Cedarville University!

Coming in as a freshman I had no connections with any staff members, so I attended the session on campus jobs during Getting Started Weekend. I remember a kind lady talking about a really neat opportunity with federal work study. You have to qualify for work study based on your FAFSA. The job that interested me was tutoring elementary kids across the street. I am obviously not an education major, but I love working with kids, so this was an opportunity that I took advantage of. Since I did not have a car, it was perfect that I just had to walk across the street to the elementary school. I loved working with the kids one on one. 

After doing this for a semester, I realized that I wanted to try something different. I wanted to work in the admissions office. This job is open to any student, whether you are on work study or not. I emailed admissions and asked if they had any job positions open. Several months later, they asked me to come in for an interview. Guys, I had no idea what I was interviewing for but I knew that I wanted to work in admissions, so I said yes! I got the job as a freshman and was trained as a guest services worker! My job is to answer incoming calls for the University. You can see my team in the picture above.

So every time you call and you hear, “Thank you for calling Cedarville University. How can I help you?,” it could be me … dun dun dun. But I have loved gaining professional skills in the office and working with a great team. It was through this job that I had the opportunity to also be a tour guide (even though being a tour guide is not paid. Boo hoo!). I am still working this job! I have gotten to know a lot of admissions staff and prospective students over the years. Two friends that I work with are in the picture above.

Another few odd jobs that I have had while at Cedarville are being a host for admissions (Ya know that $20 you pay to spend the night? Yeah, that goes to the host), being an online teacher assistant for a speech class, being a note taker for The Cove, and working banquets with Cedarville’s catering services. All of these jobs have provided fun money for me as a student.

This year I took on a little more financial responsibility, so I needed another job. I applied and received the job as a student writer for the public relations department. In this job, I interview professors and write a story on their latest accomplishments or other exciting things going on in their departments. The story then goes through an extensive editing process but it is ultimately distributed to local newspapers and on our website. I have really enjoyed developing my writing and professional skills with this job. You can see my team for this job in the picture below.

So as you have read, I have worked a lot of jobs. I felt that it was important to have a job as a student. I understand that not everyone can have a job. I mean, high five to all those engineering students out there;). But if you are looking for a job, know that there are a ton out there. Like a ton. When you come to visit, ask students where they work; you will discover that there are countless opportunities!

Until next time, friends!

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