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June 9, 2020 by


Dear Future Yellow Jacket,


My name is Angela Farlow, and I was the student life blogger for spring semester. You heard a lot from me about Cedarville University and my involvement as a student. I hope that you enjoyed reading and learning all about Cedarville!


This summer, we want to give you even more tools to learn about Cedarville. We have asked a handful of student leaders to tell you a little bit about themselves, share about what they do, and introduce you to important parts of Cedarville University. We will post their thoughts as letters throughout the summer.


Some of the topics we will cover this summer include: 

  1. What to bring/not bring
  2. How to survive freshman year
  3. What to expect living in a residence hall 
  4. How to prepare your heart spiritually before coming to Cedarville


As current students that have fallen in love with Cedarville, we want nothing more than for generations and generations of students to fall in love with this school too. All the leaders, including me, love telling stories and sharing about our experience. I really hope that you enjoy hearing them this summer. 


I am really excited about the leaders that have been chosen and I know that you will also love them! Each letter will be addressed “dear future yellow jacket,” because that is what we hope you are!


I truly cannot wait to meet you and see God transform your life. Make sure to subscribe to the blog so that you don’t miss a letter. 🙂



Angela Farlow | Public Relations Student Worker


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