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July 17, 2020 by

Dear Future Yellow Jackets,

My name is Abby Burr! I am heading into my junior year, studying to be a special education teacher. I am from Grand Rapids, MI, where I grew up as a pastor’s kid with six siblings. An ideal day for me would be time spent in good conversations with my closest friends. Exploring new places, sitting at coffee shops, and hiking would also be things I would add to the day’s schedule. Thankfully, Cedarville allows me to enjoy all my favorite things! 

I have been so grateful for opportunities to be involved in several aspects of Cedarville during my time as a student. My freshman year, I served with Sanctify Ministries, a women’s ministry that serves Cedarville gals, but also high schoolers at local churches. I was also on Class Council, which was pretty much the best thing ever. It was such a joy to encourage our classes and organize events together! My sophomore year, I pivoted to a different area of campus: ResLife. I served as an RA to the sweetest group of girls in Johnson Hall. The Lord taught me so much through this unique ministry, and I grew to value community and God’s Word in a deeper way. Becoming involved and serving campus is such a gift — one that I am excited for all of you to join. 

A large part of my time has been spent on campus, which involves eating in our dining hall. I thought I would give you a little insight into specifics about food here at Cedarville. Because who doesn’t love food? 🙂 The options can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re just venturing into the world of college and cafeterias. But I promise there will be one that fits great into your schedule and budget. 

First off, here is a breakdown of the specific meal plans. 

  • The 21-meal Option: This includes three swipes a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All of these swipes can be used as exchange swipes at Stinger’s or Chick Fil A. Includes $125 dining dollars, which can be used to buy extra meals or snacks in the dining hall, Stinger’s, Chick-fil-A, or Rinnova, the campus coffee shop.
  • The Block 220 Meal Option: 220 meals for the semester. These swipes can also be used at Stinger’s or Chick Fil A and also include $125 dining dollars. You can scan in guests with this meal plan, which is great for when friends and family come to visit! (This is the meal plan I found worked best with my schedule)
  • The 14-meal Option: Same as the 21-meal option, except only two swipes a day. Includes the unlimited exchange swipes and the $125 dining dollars. 
  • The Block 180 Meal Option: 180 meals/swipes for the semester. Includes unlimited exchange swipes and the $125 dining dollars. 

Extra Tip: Don’t feel the pressure to eat an ENTIRE meal every time you scan into Chuck’s. Sometimes you’re just not hungry for that! It’s not a wasted scan if you only cook up a few eggs or eat a bowl of yogurt. Keeping your energy up will be important for busy days. 

Second, this year Cedarville is expanding its dining services into more Grab-and-Go meal lines and Chick-fil-A, which we are all PUMPED about! These changes and additions will significantly ease the strain on the dining hall. This past year we were definitely feeling the strain of many new students and a packed dining hall during meal times. These changes will also allow the dining hall and Stinger’s to operate more effectively by spreading out the concentration of students.

In the new space, we will have a Chick-Fil-A (woohoo!), as well as a Tossed station. This Tossed bar will include salads and pizzas. Also, around campus there will be two Grab-and-Go meal lines, where you can scan and grab a prepackaged meal to eat on the go. I found this option so helpful on busy days! 

I am excited for you to arrive on campus and navigate staying healthy in college. The food is great, and so is the community that centers around it! See you so soon future, Yellow Jackets!

Abby Burr | SGA Vice President

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