How Should Students Prepare for Taking Care of Their Residence Hall Room?

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March 11, 2021 by

My name is Hannah Deane, and I have been a student at Cedarville University for five semesters, now studying Journalism. One of the biggest things that I learned when I came to college is that my mom did a lot for me, including my laundry and dishes. Aren’t we so thankful for our moms?? College made me thankful for mine as I had to learn to do my own laundry and cleaning. I thought it would be fun to take some time to address some of the mistakes I made and give you a few tips on how to survive cleaning and doing your own laundry at Cedarville University!

Don’t Lick Your Dishes Clean

At Cedarville, you are not exempt from washing dishes. Even though it may not be fun, this chore will haunt you for the rest of your life. So, to scare away the grime of leftover food that makes this task even harder, bring dish soap. Also, don’t let your dishes sit. The longer you allow your leftovers to settle, the harder it will be to wash them off of your dishes. Dish washing may not be enjoyable in the moment, but when you wake up to a clean mug to put your coffee in, you will be glad. 

The Mirror Is Not Always Sparkling

Each residence hall room I have lived in includes a full-length mirror on the back of the door. This is quite handy to have when getting ready in the morning. However, it is not so convenient when there are smudges. One thing that I brought my freshman year was Windex wipes. These were very simple to use and they kept my mirror pristine. You may also make a lot of friends when they are in need of a clean mirror. 😉

Doing Laundry Is Important 

For many new students, college will be the first place they have ever taken on the challenge of doing laundry without easy access to mom or dad’s expertise. Through your college years, though, you will become an expert. 

When I first came to Cedarville, it was easy to keep putting my clothes in the hamper. However, as the hamper grew cramped, my closet decreased in selection. Eventually I either had to wear dirty clothes or venture into the laundry room. I chose the laundry room, and I hope that is also your choice. 

Once you look at those clean clothes, you will be proud of yourself. Then that night more clothes will be added to your empty hamper, and you will get the pleasure of doing it again. However, having clean clothes to wear will make your never-ending efforts well worth it. Luckily for us Cedarville University students, we do not have to have quarters for the laundry room because the cost of laundry is already built into our tuition

The Inside Scoop on Dryers

Cleaning the lint filter is often overlooked, but it can make a difference. Pictured below is the lint filter of the dryer. It is important to check this and clean it before and after drying your clothes. If the lint filter is full, your clothes will not dry as quickly or as nicely. 

The final tip I have for laundry is that the dryers can go longer than 45 minutes. I recently learned this from a friend. I would always have to run my clothes through the dryer twice. Turns out it was not a problem with the dryers, but actually a problem with me. I didn’t know how dryers worked, but I do now, as do you. 

The last tip I would give is setting a timer on your phone so that you know when your laundry is done! Sometimes it can get kind of busy. This detail, next to classes and chapel of course, has been life-changing. 

Thank you for reading. I wish you luck in all of your future residence hall-keeping endeavors! 


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